Long Term Care Facilities

Our specialty is Long Term Care Medication Regimen Review with an emphasis on patient care and regulatory compliance.  We have an “always on-call” mentality for our clients and will always be willing to help them whenever they need it.

Assisted Living Facilities

Whether your Assisted Living facility needs to have a Pharmacy Consultant visit every quarter or every month we have the knowledge and skills to provide the correct Medication Regimen Review. 

Only want a Medication Review for the residents on Med Pass?  Not a problem, we can accommodate that.


Hospice Facilities

PCSA provides a thorough and complete approach to the Medication Review and pharmacy requirements for the Conditions of Participation (CoP) for Hospice facilities.

Our medication regimen review includes the prescription medications, over the counter medications, and alternative/complementary preparations, all of which is an integral component of the Comprehensive Assessment.


ICF/MR Group Homes

As one of the largest providers of Pharmacy Consulting services to ICF/MR Group Homes we have the knowledge and expertise to provide the Medication Review and help with any other issues you may have to your home.

Behavioral Hospitals

Our Pharmacists are phenomenal at working the Behavior Hospitals to provide Pharmacy Consulting to them as well as help them with any other Pharmacy related issues they may have.

Dispensing Pharmacies

As we do not dispense medication we are able to partner with your dispensing pharmacy to provide the best and most comprehensive Medication Regimen Review for your clients.

We have the Pharmacy Consulting regulatory compliance that comes from years of constant attention to this aspect of Pharmacy services which will free you up to do what you do best, dispense medications.

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