Dispensing Pharmacies

Our primary objective is to provide our clients the most comprehensive Pharmacy Consult. As we do not dispense medication we are able to focus solely on medication regimen reviews which allows us to give a completely unbiased review as well as a much higher quality and in-depth consult. Our program focuses on resident-centered care with individualized evaluations to maximize pharmacotherapy and minimize adverse events.  We also emphasize regulatory compliance which is changing quite rapidly these days with many more changes coming down from CMS in the near future.  To keep your facility in compliance we employ a sophisticated monitoring system that allows our pharmacists to perform accurate medication reviews as well as antipsychotic tracking and trending.  Our systematic approach also identifies critical elements aimed at reducing unnecessary hospitalizations, falls and unexplained fractures. 
We pride ourselves on not only being at the forefront of medication regimen review and pharmacy consulting practices but also being constantly available to the facilities we serve to help them through any medication issues or questions. 

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